lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

Holguineros Get Ready to Face Hurricane Mathew

By Amauris Betancourt Gómez

Hurricane Matthew gets closer to Cuba and threats to go through eastern Cuban provinces. In Holguín, people make arragements to overpass all kinds of dangers.
12th Street, La Quinta neighborhood: Ditches cleared off and trees were trimmed to avoid overfloodings and damages to power lines. Fotos: Amauris Betancourt.

Calixto Garcia Park:  Shopwindows and doors were protected. Fotos: Amauris Betancourt.

People clear off pathways. Fotos: Amauris Betancourt.

The whole family helps with supply. Fotos: Amauris Betancourt.

Windows sealed off. Fotos: Amauris Betancourt.

miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2014

Gibara I: While Waiting

Gibara is always a temptation to photograph. It is impossible to keep the lens covered. Thus pictures were taken as I waited, strolling around, for the III Stereo G Electronic Music Festival to kick off.
The aeolic park, wind mills to produce energy, is becoming a symbol of this sea village. They are located in the way to Caletones beach. Foto: Amauris Betancourt.
Céspedes street in Gibara. Slogans on walls can render quiet iconic when put together in a picture with other elements of the cityscape. Foto: Amauris Betancourt.
The sculpture facing the sea has a thing about it that gets the eye. Foto: Amauris Betancourt.
Beach at the city way in, driving from Holguín, used a post by the camping site entereprise. Foto: Amauris Betancourt.

domingo, 10 de agosto de 2014

Infantile Carnavals in Holguín

With information by Michel Hechevarría.

The infantile carnaval began in Holguín city with a parade  through the Libertadores Avenue.The party still goes on with magitians performance , clowns and other shows by the Calixto García baseball park.

House made toys. Foto: Amauris Betancourt.