sábado, 13 de septiembre de 2008

Ike Hurricane Destoyed Cuban Municipality of Banes, Holguin.

Banes, Holguin. - Sept 13. Ike hurricane, a category four according to Saffir-Simpson way of measuring them, hit Cuba first through the northern municipality of Banes in Lucrecia Cape last Sept 7 at 21:01 local time.

Six days later people from Banes can barely believe what their eyes see about the disasters left behind by Ike hurricane or the "woodcutter" as eastern Cuban people prefer to call it for the serious damages to the flora.
The images down , many of them taken from a car window, show the tragedy brought about by a hurricane favored with much wind and little rain. Such a debacle had never been witnessed in Banes so far, not even by the remembered Flora hurricane in the 60'.

Main damages were assessed in the housing field.

Many roofs gave in to the strength of the winds.

Public squares and places, cultural institutions, schools and even the famous hotels from Guardalavaca Beach Resort, North of Holguin, were affected by Ike.Guardalavaca Beach.

People can hardly accept reality.

Nature will take time to put the clock back.
Chaos reign in electric lines.
Recovery process.

People selling crops harvested by Ike hurricane.

Cuban people always joke their problems away.

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